08 janeiro 2009


foto de Veronica Leitão

Parisian aura in Bairro Alto

Rita Esgalhado e Verónica do Carmo

Imagine an old Parisian café, with little wrought-iron tables, old leather armchairs and vintage black and white pictures hanging on the walls.
Now you can transfer this image into Lisbon’s Bairro Alto, and add a touch of 21st century modernity - wi-fi internet connection, Chill Out or Bossa Nova ambient music, some seriously delicious meals and snacks, which mix Italian, French and Spanish ingredients - and you have Les Mauvais Garçons!
When we first found this spot it was love at first site - this is one of the cosiest bistrôs in town! In the same space you can find groups of friends having after-work drinks, couples in a romantic date and mysterious loners reading a book or surfing the web.
In its crowdest periods (usually before diner), it can be quite noisy as its different influences bring people from all over the world there - sometimes it can seem like the Tower of Babel!
But most of the times this is a top spot to go to, with a nice wine selection, famous appetizers and desserts and a trendy atmosphere!
Vee’s favourites - Amazing Desserts.
Rita’s favourites - Vintage leather armchairs, bruschettas and pan tomaquet (crusty bread with a spicy tomato sauce)
Details about this spot Les Mauvais Garçons Bars, Snacks Wine € 2.50Rua da Rosa 39 Bairro Alto 21343321212:00 - 00:00 daily

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  1. Acho engraçado uma maison tão pseudo-chique ter uns sofás nojentos encontrados na rua do Trombeta!Ai ai que chique decadente..Já são pelo menos em 3ªmão!Quem não se senta neles sou euzinha!Oh so Chic,please God make me a Bitch!

  2. Será que com a Pensão ai de cima não haverá já um dinheirito para uns sofás novos?Vai ao IKEA.Tens lá excelentes promoções!